Lakeview Pool & Country Club 

Since we are owned and operated by volunteers our motto must be: "Just Do It!"

As you can see by the many improvements, we have been "doing it!" We've heard complaints and we've done something about it. Lakeview is a place for all. But we do need memberships to maintain this amenity and since Leisure Lands insists on remaining a separate organization, each household has a choice to join or not. If you choose not to join you are not able to enjoy the lake, the playground or the pool. Please join so we can keep this jewel in our community open and operating. We must be strict on this otherwise there would be no incentive to join and without memberships we will close. We do see the membership fee dramatically reducing if our memberships increase.

So please join.

Becoming a Member

The membership fee is $375 per year (increases by $25/year). If a member would like to become a charter, they must pay a one time fee of the current value of charter membership share and then continue with membership fee/yr. Members have the use of the pool, playground, lake and room rentals are discounted.

For more information please contact us.

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